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Yoga Child's Pose

Our Classes

For All Levels

Yoga Mat and Straps

Intro to Power Yoga

Go With the Flow

Ready to roll out your mat and get started with yoga poses? This class has a little bit of everything: meditation, dynamic flow, stretches and restoration. If you are looking for a class that offers active and restful poses, this is the one for you!

Intermediate Power Yoga

Mind Over Matter

This is our most popular class, and offers practitioners the opportunity to explore a wide range of poses and techniques. Together with the instructor’s guidance, you will be able to challenge yourself and reach all new heights.

Yoga Class
Practicing Yoga with Babies_edited.jpg

Baby and Me Yoga

Baby Moves

All levels, gender identities, and caregivers are welcome to attend this class with their pre-crawling baby! Bring a baby blanket, toys, any anything else that will make you comfortable as you meet other caregivers and create special memories with your baby!

Little Yogis

Creative Flow

This class allows kids to explore their potential with music, stories, and props in a noncompetitive environment. Little yogis will build physical and emotional strength through poses as well as breathing and relaxation techniques. Recommended for ages 2-5 years.

Kid Playing with Bubble
Image by Leodgario Pescador

Spin and Yoga

Ride and Release

Are you ready to ride and release? Begin class by warming up your muscles on a Star Trac bike with a fun, heart pumping 30-minute ride. Jam to upbeat music while you pedal through rolling hills, climb mountains, and cruise down flat roads. This class will be led by one of our certified instructors calling out recommendations, but you may adjust your resistance and pedal speed creating the perfect intensity for YOU.

 Finish class on the mat where we will release any tension in those muscles with a 30-minute yoga session.

This class is designed for all levels. We will fit you for your bike and get you started so please arrive early. Spots are limited! 

Yoga and Mindfulness for Preteens and Teens

Vibe + Flow

This 8-week workshop offers pre-teens and teens a non-competitive, judgment free space to explore breathwork, movement, mindfulness, and relaxation. Students will have the opportunity to learn tools and practices for emotional
regulation, mental health, self-talk, stress, relationships, peer pressure, and self-care. Each yoga session will focus on a specialized theme, with the hope of giving tweens/teens techniques that can help enhance their overall wellbeing.
**Lessons may also include discussion, journaling, and art.

Yoga at Home
Yoga Class

Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness

Balanced Kids

This class allows children ages 6-10 the opportunity to experience yoga and mindfulness in a fun and non-competitive environment. Lessons will introduce personal tools and practices that help strengthen attention and focus, communication skills, emotional regulation, build self-confidence, increase strength, relax, and discover the power they have within their own mind and body. Through breathwork, movement, mindful art, music, and cooperative activities, we will explore techniques to feel our best!

Spin + Light Weights

Spin + Sculpt

Our spin + sculpt is a perfect combination of cardio and toning. Increase your stamina and cardiovascular system on the bike then get ready to build and tone your muscles with the sculpt portion. You'll leave this class feeling strong, confident, and capable with a boost of endorphins! 

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